Dive Boats

Here at Greenwichdiving we are extremely proud of our dive boats. Specially designed for diving, both boats have many benefits for your travel to and from our dive sites, transportation of all your dive equipment with and comfortable entry and exits for all dives.
Seating and distribution allows for ample space for our passengers as well as individual racks for equipment stowage, both boats have a large awning, very important especially in the summer months to protect you from the sun and high temperatures.
CB Greenwich
Technical details Moggaro 850
Hull length: 7.49 m.
Beam: 2.50 m
Engine: Diesel 240HP.
12 passengers.
Top speed: 34 knots.
Cruising speed: 21 knots.
Brucha Verde
Technical details BWA 740
Hull length: 7.40 m.
Beam: 2.96 m
Engine: Yamaha 200HP.
12 passengers.
Top speed: 40 knots.
Cruising speed: 24 knots.