Night Diver Speciality

“As soon as you think you know what diving is like in our local area, try night diving…. It’s completely different, literally “as different as night and day”. Everything is so much more peaceful and we are allowed to see plenty of sea life that you would not have had the chance of seeing throughout the day. Assents and descents can be disorientating until you know how to do it. Navigation can be daunting without the proper knowledge all of this you will learn during your Night Diver Specialist Course. Night diving is the second most fun thing you can do in the dark!! Special equipment is required for this course, including a primary light, backup light source, and tank marker (All included in the price of this course).”


• Open Water Diver Certification or equivalent
• 12 years of age
• Medical Exam for diving within the past 12 months


• Complete Night Diver Speciality Course
• Special equipment
• All Instruction
• Certification fees
• 2 Dives

If you would like to participate in any of our activities, please call us or send us an email to reserve your place in advance. Please be advised that a Doctors certificate is required for any diving activities (See below).