Cueva del Elefante (Elephant Cave)
Cueva del Elefante (Elephant Cave)

Located between Altea and Benidorm, this is an underwater known as the Elephant Cave due to the rock formation directly above the entrance. The entrance of the cave is found at 12 meters depth in crystal clear water, once reaching the end of the cave you can see fine examples of stalactites within the cave chamber. The cave itself is 25 meters long. The exterior of the cave is mostly sand, providing a secure platform for practicing diving skills for those who do not wish to enter the cave.

Top Tips:

An excellent area for Fish Identification.
Gloves are a good idea (you may encounter sea urchins at the entrance).
Make sure you have a torch and a camera is a good idea.
Forms part of a double dive from Greenwichdiving.
Advanced Level (Caves).

Insider Info:

“Watch your fingers!! There is a large Lobster that lives in the cave, he won’t bother you but please do not bother him either. Ask your Dive Guide about the secret cave around the corner”.

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