Dive Sites General Info & Photos - Greenwich Diving
Dive Sites General Info & Photos - Greenwich Diving

We have a great number of dive sites that we use on a regular basis; fortunately each dive location is varied, and divers are always assured of a great underwater experience. Whether you are learning to dive, continuing your diver education or are already an experienced scuba diver we are sure you will enjoy your diving here with us at Greenwichdiving. Our dives are scheduled for optimum conditions according to sea state, nature can be unpredictable and conditions sometimes although rarely alter rapidly. We always aim to dive at our scheduled sites, however safety is always our primary concern and some re-scheduling may be necessary at short notice. We offer a wide selection of dive sites for all our divers tastes, some locations are further afield and some require diving experience to an advanced level. Our main dive locations are shown below with more detailed descriptions by dive site… Remember to check out the Top Tips and Insider Info next to each dive.

Cabo Tóix (Mascarat Wall)

Dive Sites in the Cabo Toix Dive area are situated approximately 10-15 minutes boat journey from our dive centre… Offering dives from 5 to 30 meters, a firm favourite with our divers. If you are participating in one of our many courses offered, this area us allows optimum conditions in which to continue to practice your open water dives.


Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock)

We programme weekly visits to the Peñon de Ifach, approximately a 20-25 minutes boat journey from our dive centre. Depending on sea conditions, the dive sites in the Peñon can offer some great diving opportunities.

Isla Mediana (Octopus Island)

Particularly good for photographic opportunities, we regularly visit Octopus Island, situated approximately 35 minutes boat journey from our dive centre, we will undoubtedly combine this dive journey with a visit to the Elephant Cave. These dives are suitable for experienced divers.