El Rincón (The Corner) - Greenwich Diving
El Rincón (The Corner) - Greenwich Diving

Situated in the centre of the Cabo Toix we find El Rincón, with an average depth of 8 meters and maximum depth of 18 meters, here we can see a great diversity if sea life and bottom topography. Situated at shallower depth we find a number of smaller crevices and small open caves, whilst at depth we can explore sand banks and large rock formations.

Top Tips:

Ask your Instructor about the variations of Nudibranch to be found here.
A torch / camera is a good idea.
A long dive is recommended as there is so much to see.
Beginner / Advanced level (maximum depth 18 meters).

Insider Info:

“Your Instructor will be looking for banks of Corb (Corvina) here, a sure sign of Grouper in the area. The Corb act as an alarm for the Grouper so be sure to dive slowly and try not to disturb them… you may be well rewarded.”

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