Isla Mediana (Octopus Island)
Isla Mediana (Octopus Island)

Isla Mediana is located between Altea and Benidorm. Locals call it Octopus Island due to the large amount of our eight legged friends that congregate here. A superb location for multilevel and deep diving. A coral reef on one side of the island provides amazing underwater scenes, and also the possibility to dive a circuit around the island if you wish to experience all of its beauties and the diverse underwater life.

Top Tips:

Keep your eyes open for Sun Fish on the inland side of island.
You don’t need to go deep to see many diverse fish here.
Advanced level (maximum depth 28 meters).
Normally forms part of a double dive from Greenwichdiving.

Insider Info:

“National Geographic have filmed here regularly at the Sun fish cleaning station.”