Jardin de Neptuno (Neptune’s Garden)
Jardin de Neptuno (Neptune’s Garden)

A really cool diving site offering a wide variation of sea bottom types. We have plenty of time to investigate the many reefs and crevices, in some places the sea wall looks more like a Swiss cheese and gives us the chance to see many examples of Conger and Moray Eels. In Neptune’s Garden depths range between 8 – 18 metres, frequently we start and finish the dives here at different locations using our boat to pick us up at the end of the dive. Another firm favourite for our night dives, the area offers a great diving experience and there is always something new to see.

Top Tips:

Check out the 2 meter Conger Eel!
A great spot for our Speciality Courses.
Take a torch if doing a night dive.
Beginner / Advanced level (maximum depth 18 meters).

Insider Info:

“Depending on the time of year your instructor will be looking for Lobster and Sun Fish in this area, also over the past few years we have seen increasing numbers of large Grouper at this dive site.”

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