Las Fuentes (The Springs)
Las Fuentes (The Springs)

Situated at the start of the Cabo Toix, The Springs dive site is a wonderful dive area we visit nearly every day. If you are participating in one of courses you will no doubt visit this dive site and we can guarantee that you have plenty to see and do. An easy, shallow dive, there can be no better place to see the incredible undersea world. Situated below the cliff there is a fresh water lake, from which fountain springs escape into the Mediterranean seawater. You can actually see contrast of the fresh water with the salt water and can feel that the water here maintains a constant temperature of 19 degrees (cool in the summer and warm in the winter).

Top Tips:

An excellent area for Fish Identification.
Nice controlled breathing and buoyancy.
A torch / camera is a good idea.
Beginner Level (maximum depth 12 meters).

Insider Info:

“Our Instructors will often be trying to find Rays here for you to see. This is a fish breeding ground; we regularly use this site for our night dives as fish predators frequent the area looking for an easy snack!”

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