Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock) - Las Redes (The Nets)
Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock) - Las Redes (The Nets)

Below the rock face of the Peñon de Ifach, this dive site is famous for its large rock formations and for the biodiversity of its sea and plant life. It´s name Las Redes (The Nets) is due to the fact that the area was once covered by old fishing nets. These nets have now been recovered by divers and Project Aware groups, returning to this place its great beauty that characterizes it. The depth varies between 12m and 30m.

Top Tips:

Take a marker buoy.
Do not forget the flashlight.
Advanced level (maximum depth 30 meters).

Insider Info:

“We will be checking out the very large Octopus found here and also looking for Spiny Lobster!”