Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock) - Los Arcos (The Arches)
Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock) - Los Arcos (The Arches)

The famous Arches (Arcos) of the Ifach Rock, here we can find large numbers of sea creatures of all varieties. The great thing about this dive is that you only have a maximum depth of 12m and yet you can see everything (here we have spotted the very rare seahorse). A really beautiful dive site, a must for camera enthusiasts.

Top Tips:

Take your camera, with little depth and the amount of sea life you’ll see, you can shoot spectacular photos.
Beginner – Advanced level (maximum depth 12 meters).

Insider Info:

“Take the chance to count how many different fish varieties can be found below the arch, the Instructor will also be pointing out the baby Groupers.”

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