Punta de la Luz (Light Point) - Greenwich Diving
Punta de la Luz (Light Point) - Greenwich Diving

One of our favourite dive sites on the Cabo Toix this dive area offers a vast range of diving opportunities. We anchor on a rocky platform at about 6 meters in depth deep and in the immediate area can find sandy bottoms, sea grass plains and coral outcrops. There are also numerous open caves in the wall, moving out to sea the depth reaches 18m. An excellent opportunity for photographers, our Instructors will always be on the lookout for something new, very often this includes banks of Barracuda in this area.

Top Tips:

Our Instructors will be taking many photos here, download them for free after the dive.
Do not forget your torch.
Visit the open Cave (situated at 2 meters).
Beginner / Advanced level (maximum depth 18 meters).

Insider Info:

“Check out the island away from the wall remember to look above your head as you never know what you will see here!”

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