Altea Mediterranean, a sea of ​​unique experiences

Altea has a special link with the Mediterranean. In addition to its more than 6 km of coastline with beautiful beaches like La pot, Cap Negret and La Roda, and cliffs overlooking the sea, the sea of Altea transmits history, culture and much life. For everyone in Altea, the Mediterranean is what has painted blue, its beautiful white streets, which has pleased visitors with its light, and spirits love to travellers all time. Altea live is to live the most intense Mediterranean.


Altea is situated between the Mediterranean Sea, the Puig Campana and Sierra de Bernia, it is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns on the Costa Blanca. The old town is full of character and the impressive church with its blue and white tiled dome, it is one of the most photographed monuments in the area.


It features picturesque streets, full of tradition and charm, many of which end up in the church and square at the top of the hill, from where there are magnificent views of the mountains and the sea. The pedestrian streets are full of first class restaurants and a fascinating variety of small shops selling local crafts, paintings and gifts.


Walking through the city center are three distinct areas. On one side is the shopping area which is around the town hall and the main square, the Old Town located in the highest part of town, where the ideal is lost in its streets and soak up the atmosphere of the place while you enjoy the wonderful views of the sea and mountains that provide their viewpoints. Finally the coastal promenade area, where you can enjoy its pleasant terraces and beaches.


When we talk about Altea immediately comes to mind the idyllic image of an attractive fishing village on the Mediterranean coast, quiet, friendly and, at the same time tourist attraction. In addition to its visual beauty and its environment, one of the fundamental reasons why visitors flock to the place it is prized for its Mediterranean cuisine. Altea eaten in a special way, you eat with the five senses and with greater enjoyment.


Altea, protected from cold winds by the Sierra de Bernia north, offers a pleasant microclimate all year round, with average temperatures of 18 degrees. The particular geographical location of this city Altea gives a smooth and stable climate throughout the year. Thanks to its climate, Altea offers a variety of activities that can be performed outdoors. Summers are long, hot and sunny, and winters are usually warm, short and very nice. In the year they have only about 37 days of rain. So the rest of the year you can enjoy and live a life outdoors.

The night of the nearest Saturday to the festival of San Lorenzo of August, takes place the traditional and Castell de l’Olla in Altea. Organised every year until final details by the brotherhood of the same name of the Alicante town, this show brings together the Mediterranean more than 50,000 people eager to watch the play of light, gunpowder and music, a combination of arts which also They participate in parallel, dance and other performing arts, as well as exhibitions.