Benefits of Diving

Further to my post last month « Reasons why to go scuba diving » we all know that Scuba Diving is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport, but did you know that it is truly good for your health, mind, body and soul?

1. Physical Fitness

Scuba diving on a regular basis steadily improves and maintains your general fitness and stamina levels. Scuba diving for an hour can burn as many as 500 calories, making it just as beneficial as working out for an hour in the gym.

2. Meditative Breathing

Slow, deep breathing is important in scuba diving to optimize air consumption and bottom time. Similar to breathing during meditation, breathing slowly and deeply while diving induces a calm, relaxed state while the diver focuses on the underwater environment rather than thinking about problems they may be experiencing in daily life.

3. Healing Effects of Water

Often times people are submersed in water to calm down or to be healed. Water has a way of making us feel healed and restored. A great way to unwind, relax and forget about all the stresses of daily modern life.

4. Marine Life Encounters

The pure pleasure, wonder and awe of interacting with and being up close to amazing marine creatures produces a feeling of increased well-being. Marine life encounters increase one’s awareness of the environment and how critical the health of the ocean is.

5. Social Health Benefits – The Buddy System

Scuba diving means you need to learn to be responsible for both yourself and your buddy and to look after your own safety. When you dive, you meet other like-minded people who often become good friends as you all share that common interest. It’s easy to make friends among divers as you will find a sense of community among them.

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