Diving respecting our Environment

The oceans are an incredible part of our planet, covering more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface, it contains 99 percent of the living space on the planet and is compatible with nearly 50 percent of all species on Earth. In order for the human specie to survive, we need healthy oceans. This will have a direct effect on our environment, food, work, medicines and many more things you cannot imagine. Besides, the oceans also provide us opportunities to learn, relax and enjoy nature.

Dive with caution, many aquatic creatures are fragile regardless of size. Make sure your scuba gear is secured and you are properly weighted to avoid contact with reefs and other habitats. Practice buoyancy control before swimming near sensitive and fragile environments.

Avoid collecting memories. Nearly everything found in the aquatic realm is alive or will be used by a living creature. Removing specimens such as corals and shells can disturb the delicate balance and quickly deplete resources and beauty of dive sites.

Here at Greenwichdiving we continue each month with our events for the conservation of the environment and will keep you informed periodically.

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