Finding a reputable Dive Centre

Finding a reputable Dive Centre

I thought i would give a few tips on finding a reputable Dive Centre in case you are planning a visit to the Costa Blanca or even a holiday further afield. In some cases, this may be a resort where you also stay, with a mix of Diving plus Accommodation or just Dives Sites to visit. With the growth of internet and social media this task has become easier to check by referencing customer reviews, websites etc.

That said, here are a few ideas that may be of help…

Your Priorities

What’s most important to you in a Diver Centre; examples may be, Safety, Comfort, Legal Compliance, Good Facilities etc. Are you looking for super-cheapo diving, or is peace of mind and quality service your priority?

Dive Centre Reviews

Great to check reviews online, especially from divers who have visited the Dive Centre. Here are a few resources: TripAdvisor , Google, Facebook,

Dive Planning, Courses and Events

Confirm that the Dive Centre you are interested in is going out on the days you want. Many Centres have minimum no`s for boat and course trips, or they may close in Low Season.

Dive Boat


Make sure you book in advance, and don´t be left without a dive, if possible visit the shop in person before diving.


SSI, PADI, FEDAS, CMAS etc. there are so many certification bodies, even so, there are still many certifying agencies specific to regions and countries. Perhaps checking that the Dive Centre you want will recognize your certification will give you added peace of mind.


Spanish and English, are very common in many Dive Centres, however an establishment that has staff speaking a large array of languages is always comfort and to the many nationalities of divers looking for great diving experiences.

Local laws

The Dive Centre should notify you beforehand, but check up on any local laws for your dive destination. A good Dive Centre will be proud to communicate all safety and legal information on their website.


I always ask myself why settle for less, when for the same price, I can receive more.

Centro de Buceo de Buena reputación

Does the Dives Centre offer

Decent changing facilities, showers etc. Does the Dive Centre adhere to strict cleaning and maintenance regimes, this could include regulator and bottle inspections, the changing of compressor filters, sea worthy boat, this list is endless?

Some of you will be used to diving with weights measured in Kilograms (kgs), some in pounds (lbs).

You may need to convert to the other unit. One pound is roughly 0.45 kilograms, and one kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

Depending on your destination, bottle fills may be measured in Bar or PSI.

Since your bottle pressure gauge will give one or the other, and will often have red markings to indicate low air situations. Always handy to note that a full bottle is about 3,000 PSI, which is about 200 bar. A half tank is then 1,500 PSI / 100 bar.

Depth in Meters (m) or feet (ft).

1 meter is a little over 3 feet. Usually people remember that 10 meters is 33 feet and go from there. For example, 30 meters is about 99 feet.

These are just a few tips ahead of time can that will assist you and avoid a possible stressful situation. For example, if the boat is being loaded up and you are asked how much weight you need in kilograms, (having said that a good dive boat should always carry spare equipment, although this is not always the norm).

And when all is said and done a quick e-mail (, telephone call (966 881 457) or attentive staff will always be able to answer any question or problem you may have, will show you the professionalism of a reputable Dive Centre.

Happy Diving.

Your Safety and Comfort

You will be able to experience this safety and comfort in our Dive Centre located in Jávea ( as well.