Guided Tours Snorkelling in the Bay of Altea

Greenwichdiving in collaboration with the Serra Gelada Natural Park, Altea Town Hall and the Institute of Coastal Ecology will once again conduct this year Snorkel Guided Routes in the Bay of Altea, every Wednesday and Friday during the months of June, July, August and September.

This initiative is planned with the aim of publicizing the seabed and enhancing the environmental wealth of the bay of Altea.

The routes have been created so that all the public, not only experienced divers, can learn the value that is hidden in our waters and that luckily is kept in very good condition. The Illeta de l’Olla and the Mascarat routes have been chosen because of their environmental richness and conservation. In both places you can observe large prairies of oceanic posidonia, with reefs of more than 300 years.

Oceanic posidonia, against popular belief, is not an algae but a higher plant, has root, stem, leaves and flower. It acts as a lung of the sea, because as a result of the photosynthesis, it produces oxygen in a proportion equivalent to ten times its extension in a tropical forest, collaborating with the oxygenation of the sea and combating effects associated with climate change. In addition, it plays a fundamental role in the stabilisation of coastal sediments, forming a rich and abundant ecosystem, the most productive in the Mediterranean, but also extremely delicate and that has to be taken care of by the users. It serves as nursery for the small fish that find in her an ideal hiding place, (the prairies can house more than 400 species of algae and more than 1000 animal species). This is the true Forest of the Serra Gelada Natural Park.

Snorkel Tours:

Route Mascarat

Route Illeta de l’Olla

Snorkel Tours by boat