Route Mascarat - Greenwich Diving
Route Mascarat - Greenwich Diving

Route Mascarat

This small pebble beach south facing is protected by a breakwater on the right side and a mountain on the left. Headed out to sea we start our route, and from the very beginning we can see the abundance of sea grass along the wall. As we notice the sea bed drop away to sandy areas we see the presence of thin sheets of Cymodocea nodosa ( a protected sea grass) , which like the Posidonia Oceanica is a herbaceous plant with stems , roots, leaves and flowers.

Between the sand prairies if you look carefully we may catch a glimpse of small Cuttlefish and Octopus. We will also see large shoals of Goldin and reaching a rocky outcrop be able to see many different types of starfish. A really beautiful route enjoying transparent waters, extremely fertile and a great representation of the fauna to found on the Mediterranean coast.

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